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 - Quality of construction: By visiting the different boat yards, it is easy to find out their differences in construction. By understanding the various processes such as infusion, laminating and assembly, you can see how certain details make all the difference.

- Behaviour & safety at sea: The effect of waves on the motion of boats varies considerably from one design to another and remains an element of comfort and above all of safety. Nautitech catamarans are less prone to pitching than some of their contemporaries, thus limiting the discomfort for the crew.

- Sailing performance: It is always more pleasant to have a boat that performs well on all points of sail. Speed is an element of pleasure and safety is not to be neglected. With good design and equipment, speed can be achieved without any adverse effect on ease of handling and without  requiring  more complicated sailing techniques.

- Design & aesthetics: Nautitech has a strong belief that a boat should have sleek lines and a welcoming interior, stylish without being ostentatious. Boats where, once aboard, one simply feels good.

 - Builder & owner relationship: The Nautitech research & development department, in collaboration with our designers, is at your disposal to discuss both the standard and individual, customised options available for your boat.

- Reputation of the yard: The opinions of existing owners and professionals who sail their boats allow you to have a good idea of the reputation of the builder and their products. The financial strength of the yard should also be taken into account.

 - Resale value: This is a question often considered at the time of purchase. The time it takes to sell your boat is likely to be lengthened if there is an excessive number of similar boats on the market.




- How will you use the boat? Coastal cruising or the sailaway trip of a lifetime?

A departure for a long trip in time and /or distance will be more self-sufficient and comfortable with a higher level of equipment installed on board. (Desanilator, generator, solar panels, radar, etc.). We advise you to choose our Blue Water pack. If you plan on short cruises and coastal navigation, the Holiday pack should be sufficient.

- The danger of over-equipment: Resist the temptation of over equipping the boat with all the comfort of a home.  Temptation is great, but think of consumption in energy, and the weight can harm the performance of the boat. Whilst a Nautitech is capable of carrying more load than some lighter alternatives, all catamarans sail better when not overloaded.

- Choose a boat that matches your sailing needs: Many boat-builders are reaching out for high performance which is often gained at the expense of manageability. A boat that is great fun in daylight when being pushed hard by a bunch of young racing sailors, may well prove too skittish and hard to handle in short-handed cruising mode.

- Single or dual helm? If you are going to sail as a couple, we recommend our models with the dual helm system. This allows the person at the wheel to remain in sight of the other crew member, and therefore communicate more effectively. The boom is also in a lower position, so it is easier to take the mainsail up and down. Single, flybridge systems are suited to larger crews.

- A Nautitech is a safe, seaworthy travelling companion: Features such as a closed cockpit mean the boat is safe for you and for young children. It must be comfortable at sea (wave passage, minimum of pitching), and must be able to be moored level on a beach. It must also ensure you of beautiful passages with a constant speed without being too hard in its motion (fine stems, reasonable beam, moderate sailplans). Modest superstructure elements for reduced windage aid maneuverability and comfort. Though these design qualities may not matter in the harbour, they soon become important at sea.


If you are new to this type of project or have limited time to liaise with the yard during construction, you might consider appointing a project manager to run the programme on your behalf. We will happy to introduce you to an experienced person for this role.